Firm News | 08/05/2018

It happens every year.
After enjoying a summer of frivolity you’re dragged back to reality by the early morning alarm. Your wallet is empty, your credit card is maxed out, and none of your clothes seem to fit.
Sipping a takeaway coffee you can’t afford, you flick through the morning paper. And there they are— dozens of quick fixes and long-term strategies to detox your life and take a better path. After reading a few of the articles (or maybe just the dot-point summaries), you decide to switch from coffee to green tea.
And your summer’s frivolity is quickly forgotten.
But have you ever thought about detoxing more than just your life? Maybe it’s time to detox your business as well.
Are you returning to the same old business you’ve always had, with the same old business toxins that will lead to another year of sluggish performance? And if you’re trudging back to the same workstation outside your boss’ office, do you need to detox your personal finances so you can get through the summer without emptying your wallet and maxing out your credit card?
Who knows? Removing those business and financial toxins could help release those personal toxins you’re trying to get rid of.
So grab another coffee (sorry, green tea), and ask yourself:

  • When did I last look at what could be inhibiting the growth of my business and/or wealth?
  • Are any “poisons” in my business or work life limiting my financial rewards?
  • Is it time to detox, turn poison to protein, and nourish these areas of my life?

I recently saw this quote from wellness expert Jovanka Ciares:
“Your body has a natural mechanism to get rid of toxins and pollutants, but it can’t handle the barrage of stuff you are exposed to. You want to use foods to help keep those organs strong and help push the debris out.”
And suddenly it dawned on me: A business is no different to our bodies. It too has a “barrage of stuff” that needs to be dealt with on a daily basis. And the business owner needs to “help push the debris out” by aligning themselves with the right systems, process, advisors and partners to make the business thrive.
Now, how’s your business doing?

  1. Do you dread the alarm going off in the morning?
  2. Are your debtors weighing your business down?
  3. Does your cash flow feel drained?
  4. Are you struggling to pay your bills on time?
  5. Are you struggling to drive your business growth?
  6. Do you spend more time managing staff than managing clients?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, it’s time to detox your business.
And don’t think you’re off the detox hook just if you’re not a business owner. Ask the same questions about your personal situation, and if you answer any of them with “Yes” then a financial detoxification might be the order of the day.
So how do you start? The same way you’d go about detoxing your body, although you may want to focus on long-term solutions rather than quick fixes. Find out what’s making your financial life and success sluggish. Set some goals. Get professional advice. Work out what you can do to nourish your business and your wealth.
And start rehydrating.
With a few simple changes (and a little commitment), you’ll lose the sluggishness, and start feeling happier and healthier.
And so will your business.