Taxation Compliance

Today, more than ever, corporate taxation is not a statutory duty; it is a critical part of your business strategy that is as important as both your business and marketing plans.

Corporate taxation is not simply about what you have done in the past twelve months. It includes what you are aiming to achieve in the future. Unless this factor in considered & planned for, your business could be disadvantaged.

Axis Accounting offers a broad range of taxation services that will assist your company achieve the compliance obligations at its optimum performance.

Corporate Secretarial Services

As an agent with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) Axis Accounting provides the following range of corporate secretarial services to our clients.

Registered Office situated at our office

  • Access for the Australian Securities & investment Commission (ASIC) and public contact (viewing of register).
  • Maintain Company registers.
  • Receive correspondence on company’s behalf i.e. banks and court documentation.

Annual review

  • Check details are correct to company register.
  • Electronically receive statement from ASIC.
  • Preparation of annual statement and solvency resolution (Note: a solvency resolution must be passed annually to comply with the Corporations Act 2001).
  • Attending to corrections required and lodgment of the associated documents.

Company Secretarial

  • Act as agent with ASIC on behalf of the company
  • Changes to company addresses
  • Changes to officer and member addresses
  • Ensure the company is compliant for ASIC requirements
  • Ensure company records are current for your business and banking requirements
  • Ensure documents are lodged within ASIC time requirements
  • Member share transfers
  • Member share allotments
  • Officer appointments and resignations
  • Provide certified copies of documents required for Banks, Solicitors etc
  • Provide meeting premises for company meetings
  • Storage of company seals for use as required
  • Storage of legal documents as required (trust deeds where company is the trustee)

Management Accounting

Our team of staff is able to provide you with flexible management accounting service that attends to the preparation and controls all aspects of the accounting function within your business without the need for internal accounting staff.

This includes bookkeeping, accounting, statutory reporting, management reports, financial review and regulatory compliance.

The regulation of business is becoming more complex and non-compliance can be costly; compliance with the ATO, ASIC, and the various industry regulators is a demanding task for a large, medium sized or small business. Axis Accounting can look after all these matters for your business and keep you well informed.

We offer a range of services that can be performed on weekly, fortnightly or monthly engagement basis depending on your business needs. These services can be performed onsite at your premises or at our office.

Financial Control & Virtual CFO

Axis Accounting is able to provide your business with its own independent financial controller on a part time basis, fulfilling a professional need for a fraction of the cost.

The contracting arrangement can be as flexible as required to suit your business needs. The ability for an entity to understand its financial position is vital in order to plan, forecast and manage.

We can assist your business in areas such as asset protection, tax minimisation, cost reduction and succession planning. The focus is less about recording history and more about the future.

Business Consulting and advice

The success of a business is often in its planning. Whist a business can grow by repeating its performance year after year, more lucrative businesses plan for that success.

The saying goes “falling to plan is the same as planning to fail”. This critical area of business management can often be mishandled.

Axis Accounting can assist you with the preparation of a business plan incorporating cash flow budgets to suit your business goals and work with you to reach these goals.

In addition to developing a business plan, our network of financial planners can advise on:-

  • Wealth creation strategies to achieve your business and personal goals
  • Advice in preparation for sale, including checklists, valuation advice and liaising with potential buyers and their advisors or brokers in relation to the sale.
  • We also provide business mentoring and coaching services on an ongoing basis to clients that require guidance in business.

Auditing & Assisting with External Audits

The Axis audit team has a wide range of experience auditing and assisting clients with external audits and audit requirements such as Workers Compensation Audits, Cash Industry & Benchmark ATO Audits, State Governmental Department Audits and various ATO compliance audits such as GST and income tax.

Concerned about risk or fraud within your business, the Axis team is able to investigate and forensically examine transactions to make sure that they are bona fide to guarantee your personal and business assets are secure.

Business & Tax Effective Structure Setup

Setting up the right business structure at the start can be the most important decision you make. We are able to advise on the best structure to meet your needs including companies, partnerships, trusts and joint ventures.

As your business grows it is also important to protect your assets and minimise your tax. We can also assist you to re-organise your structure in a tax effective manner.

Liquidations & Associated Matters

In these turbulent financial times it is important to get the right advice as a director of a company in insolvency issues.

Our network of insolvency practioners will be able to provide you with confidential advice to guide you through. We can assist you with.

  • Appointing an administrator or liquidator
  • Voluntary administration to wind up a company in a tax effective manner
  • Personal bankruptcy

Research & Development Grants

The Research & Development tax concession enables a company undertaking such activities to claim a deduction for up to 125% of the eligible expenditure it incurs. Furthermore, a company may also be eligible for premium (incremental) tax offset of 175% in certain circumstances.

We are able to assist clients in indentifying the eligible expenditure, attend to the preparation and lodgment of the registration process with AusIndustry as well as the lodgment of the claim with the ATO.


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