Firm News | 05/06/2017

Technology sometimes baffles me, so when shown recently that my phone could track my number of steps per day I was blown away on two counts: firstly amazed by the designers of technology can achieve and secondly, thankful that I really don’t need to buy a Fitbit!
And this made me think how often I deal with clients who are not fully aware of the technology they have at their finger tips to build a better business and improve their business fitness. Moreover, how surprised many are when they discover how interested the modern tech savvy accountant is in improving their business and being involved in their business development. Now this technology I know little more about!
Like many, accountants are having to jump on the technology train to not only improve fitness but improve their advice. Like my phone today has told me by 9am I had taken more steps than in all of yesterday, on my at my desk days more and more steps are being taken to improving client business fitness.
So what is involved?
Business health is not that much different to personal health:

  1. Check your heart rate – what’s your cashflow like. Do you struggle to meet commitments. Is your business feeling breathless
  2. Strengthen your core – what is your business about and do you deliver
  3. Have a balanced diet – check your income streams and assess the related expense. The business calories you are carrying may be dragging you down and draining your energy
  4. Take time out to rest and relax – a fresh mind breathes energy into your business
  5. Surround yourself with positive people – look to your team and your advisors. Are you in the same page. Do they understand your vision and goal
  6. Assess your habits – just because you have always done things a particular way doesn’t mean it is the best way. Look to the technology you have at hand . Are you utilising it to achieve best results
  7. It’s not about the size on the label (after all that is on the inside of most clothing) ; it’s about how you feel. Don’t make assumptions and don’t fear being different. Differentiation is the key to success

Food for thought? Take a walk and think about it. There may be more to the fitbits craze than many think.
It’s time to take some steps to a better business and maybe you’ll feel a little healthier along the way. Contact Axis Accounting now for your free business health check –  we are ready to take the first steps with you! And as a special treat is offering Axis Accounting clients a personal training special through June 2017.