Firm News | 10/04/2017

During a recent holiday, my family and I embarked on the search for the ultimate milkshake. Of course, we all had different ideas about the ultimate slurp, so it wasn’t going to be easy.
We looked up the best milkshake cafes in the area (according to some food writer), and read a few online reviews. And then at the end of each day we’d buy a different milkshake on our way back from soaking up the sun.
In the end, the five of us all had a different favourite. Not only did we have different needs, we also wanted different things.
But we all agreed on one thing: the jars that looked the most spectacular (e.g. with rims dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles) weren’t necessarily the most satisfying. (And that maybe hundreds and thousands should be used solely on fairy bread.)
So what does any of this have to do with business services? Well, just like milkshakes they can be tailored to taste, structured to need, and sized to appetite. And like the humble milkshake, those services can range from the traditional chocolate milkshake that satisfies simple needs to one with all the trimming (and a cronut to boot).
Thanks to the digital age, your advisor can add all sorts of trimmings to their services, flavour them to meet your business’ needs, and package them with outcomes to make them seem irresistible.
And you’ll know when it’s done right because you’ll be reaping the rewards and begging for more.
Standards and expectations are constantly changing, and businesses need to react quickly or they’ll be left behind. Some think of it as ‘disruption’, but I don’t like the negative connotations of that term. Instead I see it as a challenge for us to offer more, and provide each of our clients with what they really want.
More and more people expect businesses to create solutions tailored to their needs. Just as the person behind the counter can create any kind of milkshake you like (providing the straw is long enough), your business advisor should create a solution that provides maximum benefit for your business.
And unlike a milkshake, these tailored solutions will have you shedding those unwanted business, tax and financial calories, and improving your business health.
Ready to relax and order a calorie-free business solution that’s tailored to your needs? Then get in touch to find out more about what’s on offer on our Axis Business menu.
But please, don’t bring me a milkshake. I’m still full.